Modlook 29 Music: It's Here! Coachella 2015!

Posted: Jan 06 2015

Lykke Li
We love blasting her tunes in the store, old and new. Lykke Li is Swedish babe, with her sweet and sexy voice, I'm sure she will put on a super cool performance with her dance moves!
Watch video for 'Im good, Im gone'
FKA Twigs
Gorgeous. One of a kind, unlike any other artist around right now. What more can we say? I always say FKA Twigs is the Bjork of our time.. and that's a lot to say! Not only does she have crazy, innovative sounds in her music, but she also used to be a professional back up dancer, so she kills it on the stage! You don't want to miss her!
Watch video for 'Two Weeks'
Okay, everyone loves Drake. Drake, We are EXCITED to see you!!! And we wonder... who will be coming out on stage with him? Hmmm. Thanks for ending the show this year Drake!!
 Watch video for 'Just Hold We're Going Home'
Angus and Julia Stone
Being from California, they are the perfect band to listen to on a nice drive with your windows rolled down and your hair flying all over the place.. while the sun is setting. They are dreamy, make you feel light, and like everyday is summer. Her voice is angelic and his just serenades you.. The two together - beautifulness. Hopefully, they'll be playing during sunset!
Watch video for 'Big Jet Plane'
St Vincent
She never ceases to impress. With her emotional lyrics and sounds, she is very soulful and definitely makes you feel! She's a great artist to chill down to and catch live.. And her instrumentals will be pretty awesome, I don't doubt!
 Watch video for 'Digital Witness'

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