6 Ways To Enjoy Sweater Season in So Cal

Posted: Oct 19 2015

Here are some of our favorite ways to style some of our sweaters when we want go go out and about during our mild fall weather (aren't we just the luckiest?) in Southern California. 

1. Crops and Circles: Wear a hat to instantly polish your pullover sweater. Style a cropped sweater with a high waist circle skirt for a playful look. 

Style a Cropped Sweater with a mini skirt for a day look. 

2. Stripes and Slacks: Give your slouchy scoop neck striped sweater some structure by styling it with a pair of pleated slacks. 

3. Textured Mix: Play with different textures and patters like this furry and lace combo. 

4. Inverse Length: Style a long cardigan with a shorter layered romper or dress below to show off your legs for a fun chic look. Add a hat for some structure. 

5. Sharpen the Edge: Make your sweater edgy with pleather accents like pants or shoes. 

6. Turtle neck collared combo: Get the vintage look by combining a high neck top with a collared cardigan. Match textures with classic patterns such as stripes to give your look some depth of field. 



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