10 Ways To Wear Your Crop Top!

Posted: Oct 19 2015

Own a crop top but you're always puzzled with how to style it? Read this article for our top easy chic looks! And no, it doesn't include the tired "wrap the longsleeve plaid shirt around the waist look."
1. Crop top and high waist pleated pants. Sophisticated and young. 
2. Pair a vneck wrap crop top with a tulip pencil skirt for a fun angle play. Great fall night outfit. 
3. Pair a dressy plunging crop top with a mid pencil skirt for a night out!
3. Matchy crop top and bottom combos are all the rage this year and will be very popular well into next year. 
4. Pair a neutral crop top with a bright and bold bottom. 
5. Or a crop top with a high waist maxi skirt is a great way to pep up a day or night look without showing too much!
6. Style a boho strapless top with shorts for a casual chic look. 
7. Make it edgy by combining with pleather shorts or pants. 
8. Style your favorite basic cropped tee with a dressy bottom to transform from a basic look into a party/dressy look.  
9. Use a blazer or cardigan to tone down and add sophistication to a cropped pant and top combination.
10. Style a halter crop top with high waist jean shorts. 

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